Jonathan Z Queen
Minister * Mentor * Motivational Speaker * Author

You have to hear this man speak. His story is amazing and his credibility is unquestionable. Jonathan Z Queen, the oldest of five children, was raised in an impoverished neighborhood in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania by a struggling, single mother.  He began using and selling drugs at the age of 14.  At the age of 23 he was arrested for the third time, labeled a Career-Criminal and sentenced to 10 years in a Federal Prison.

During the last four years of his 10-year prison sentence, Jonathan completed over 18 months of criminal behavior and drug education programs. He subsequently volunteered for the 500-hour Residential Drug-Abuse Program, where he became a Peer Counselor, Sponsor and Board Member on the Education/Tutoring Committee. Jonathan graduated first in his RDAP class and has become well-versed in Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT), ABC’s of Rational Self Analysis, Criminal Thinking Errors, Anger Management, Conflict Resolution, Victim Impact and Assertive Communication.

In his second book entitled: Are You S.A.N.E. (Setting A New Example): Changing Who You Are by Changing How You Think, Jonathan draws on his experiences as a convicted drug-dealer and career criminal, who was able to change his life after spending over nine years in prison. Based on his street education, spiritual revival, drug/alcohol and cognitive therapy treatment, Jonathan provides an innovative approach to changing how you think so that you can feel the way you WANT to feel and become the change you desire to see.

Are You S.A.N.E. explores intriguing topics such as: The ‘Don’t Blame Me’ Mentality, Personal Prisons, Overcoming Addiction, Chained to the Gang, Spirit Up, Mis-sed Education, The Role Model Risk, Drug Dealers Anonymous, Keeping It Reality, Taking the Diss Out of Dysfunctional Families, and much more.
Jonathan is also the author of the critically acclaimed Don’t Blame Me: The Convict Chronicles and the forthcoming Cool Like Us Children’s series.

Today, Jonathan Z Queen is an award winning author, minister, mentor and motivational speaker. He is Vice President of Asikari Publishing, LLC, co-founder of New Mindz LLC and creator of the ‘Start a Change Reaction’ school assembly. He works as an assistant counselor for delinquent kids with special needs and is the director of the Shiloh Baptist Boyz to Men Transitional Training program.

Jonathan is also a member of The National Exhoodus Council (NEC); a national coalition featuring former members of the criminal/drug/gang culture, who have changed their lives and now serve as ‘beacons of hope’ for those who desire to make a positive change as well. Their motto is:
Serving Our Country, After Serving Our Time.

Mr. Queen is a very energetic, effective and inspirational speaker who specializes in interactive workshops that can include spoken word, improvisations and role playing. He is very knowledgeable about the correlation between illiteracy and how the drop-out rate affects the crime rate, so he especially enjoys sharing his experiences with at-risk-youth.

“I want to help change the world.” Queen says. “There are men, women and children who have already made or will make mistakes similar to mine. They need to see that change is not only possible; it is required. I especially want to start a ‘Change Reaction’ in our young people. I want to empower them with an optimism that conquers their low self-esteem and teaches them the benefits of doing the right thing even when nobody is watching.”

He is happily married and lives with his wife and children in York, Pennsylvania.