New Mindz, LLC has experienced professionals in the following areas:

 Mentoring
 Ministry
 Motivational Speaking
 Educational Services
 School Assemblies
 Tutoring
  Re-Entry Support and Consulting
 At Risk Youth Intervention
 Education and Training Consultants
 Peer to Peer Mentoring Training
 Social/Therapeutic Group Facilitation 
 Drug & Alcohol Prevention/Education
-- Also --
 Youth Conferences
  Job Readiness Skills andEmployment Training
 Family Planning Sessions
 Plan of Action conferences
 Criminal Thinking Errors
 Book Publishing
 Printing Services
 Theatrical Services
 Professional Seminars, Classes & Workshops
 Human Resources
 Management Consultation
 Leadership Training & Needs Assessment
 Event Planning
 Writing/Editing Services

Key Programs

The S.A.N.E. Initiative (Setting A New Example)
Jonathan Queen’s signature program, based on his motivational book, ‘Are You S.A.N.E (Setting A New Example) Changing Who You Are by Changing How You Think’ includes the I Am SANE pledge and inspires all who hear this motivational message that they can change the world. Children and adults, students and prisoners, churches and businesses will learn the power of positive self talk, rational thinking and how to conquer the ‘Don’t Blame Me’ mentality.

Is Y’all Hiring? (Workforce Readiness & Employment Skills)
This signature assembly/training is designed to inspire individuals through the power of positive change and encourage them to let go of the negative presuppositions, attitudes and behaviors towards applying for and maintaining a job.  Jonathan and Lenia provide professional insight, experience, and training in interviewing, work force conduct and employee relations. They use an engaging mix of humor and emotional stories of survival, accountability and redemption to challenge their audience to believe in the power of positive change; pull their pants up, smile and speak correct English.
The workshop is highlighted by the following:

*How to explain the Felony conviction.    *Turning your negatives into positives.
*Work force Do’s and Don’ts                     *Dressing for Success
*Dealing with Diversity in the workplace

Beyond the Barriers: Active Mentoring for At-Risk Youth
and Ex-Offenders
Jonathan Z Queen, uses his 'Expert by Experience' methodology to train mentors how to get beyond the barriers, barricades, roadblocks and obstacles that impede the progress of effective communication and relationship building. This workshop is filled with information and techniques that go beyond the textbook and training manual and into the hearts and minds of those who need and desire to be mentored.

Missed - Education (Why dropping out often leads to going in)
This program emphasizes the importance of education and is extremely effective for drop out prevention, intervention, and redemption. Jonathan candidly shares his experiences as a high school drop out, GED graduate, career criminal and prison GED teacher to expose the relationship between illiteracy and criminality.

Start A ‘Change Reaction' Assembly
This signature assembly is designed to inspire individuals through the power of positive change and encourage them to start a change reaction of their own.  Jonathan uses an engaging mix of humor and emotional stories of survival, accountability and redemption to challenge his audience to believe in the power of positive change.

The ‘Not Cool’ Campaign  
Jonathan presents stories from the Cool Like Us Children and Young Adult book series to help kids and adults overcome peer pressure with higher self-esteem. They also learn how to assertively declare that something is “NOT COOL!”

H.E.L.P.   (Honesty, Empathy, Love, Patience)
This program inspires people to become open to giving back as well as receiving help. They learn the importance of being honest with themselves and with others. They learn about empathy (caring about others) and the interconnectedness of everyone. They receive a crash course on what ‘love thy neighbor’ truly means. They will also learn how change is a constant and doesn’t happen overnight, therefore patience is a must.

From Street Corners to Boardrooms (The hustler’s guide to going legit)
Jonathan Queen talks about his path from criminal drug dealer to successful author, Government contract manager and business owner. This program teaches how to take lessons learned from a negative past and apply them to a positive future.