Jonathan Z. Queen delivers a one-two punch to his audience of parents, students, teachers, and community members. He draws upon his past criminal behavior to inspire students to want to learn more and stay in school. His unique candor engages the students by meeting them where they are and leading them to where they can go. Mr. Queen is a shining example of how people can positively change and effect change in others.
Diane G. Brown
Parent Advocates for Children
York, PA

Mr. Queen’s appearance probably stimulated more follow-up discussion about the ability to turn your life around than any other speaker we have had at the conference. It was refreshing and motivating to the young people who have made destructive choices in the past to realize that there are chances to reinvent yourself and succeed in life with hard work and determination. His interactive presentation and willingness to talk to people after the appearance really engaged the audience. The message was real and passionate and that conveyed to the young people in the audience.
Heather Martinsen-Hill
Youth Program Specialist
PWC Office On Youth
Prince William County, VA

We were impressed with his message, of course; his presence, his connection with the students, his self-respect and his sense of renewed purpose. All of these are positives that teenagers need to see demonstrated by the adults in their lives. Thank you for coming to Lee High School, Jonathan!!
Catherine Morris,
Robert E. Lee High School,
Staunton, VA

How do I start? Your presentation was more than great it was awesome! I loved it! I'm so glad you came to our school to talk. I got so much out of your speech. You did a wonderful job.
Le Anne, Buffalo Gap High School, VA

I'll be honest, usually when guest speakers come to school to give a presentation students do not seem to really be interested. That was most certainly not the case with your visit. I am positively sure that every one of my classmates enjoyed your presentation, I know I did. My favorite was when you recited your poem, "Look At Me Now" I admit it was very touching and I had chill bumps the whole time. I appreciate what you do Mr. Queen.
Krisilyn B., Fort Defiance High School

I believe you are the one person who has taken Life after incarceration to another level. Your story and your book; how inspirational you have been to the many convicted felons reentering into society as well as how your message of “prison to praise” has resonated with ex-offenders and at risk youth. Keep
up the great work!
Malik Aziz
Assistant Director
Philadelphia PA Mayor’s Office of Re Entry
Philadelphia, PA

I am Officer Mark Kearney, the Crime Prevention Officer in the Waynesboro, VA Police Department. Jonathan attended Book 'Em 2009 as an author. Prior to the event, he talked to students at Shelburne Middle School and Lee High School in Staunton, Wilson Memorial Middle School and High School and the Genesis Alternative School in Fishersville, VA. He gave a great talk at the Book 'Em literacy event.. Jonathan is a powerful speaker who has a message that is good for students in middle and high school to hear. His message is also great for teachers, parents and adults as well.
Officer Mark Kearney, the Crime Prevention Officer,
Founder Book ‘Em Foundation
Waynesboro, VA

He spoke with boldness and courage and captured the attention of all. If we had more Jonathan Queen's to tell their personal stories, I believe it would help to cut down on crime. Those who are involved in crimes, gangs and drugs, etc. would be able to see and know that there is hope at the end of the tunnel.
Joyce C. Instructor
Phoenix  Program, Fishersville, VA

On Tuesday, February 16, 2010, Jonathan Z. Queen spoke to my English Composition I Class. His presentation assisted students in learning about the real world implementation of words, essay writing, choices, and determination. His presentation was both informative and inspiring. There was so much useful information on the topics of: literacy, faith, determination, ambition,
youth, and behavior modification.
Professor Shaashawn Dial, Central Penn PA

Hopefully, we will be able to afford to have you come and speak down here for the Nat'l Assoc of Black Social Workers.
Thank you for sharing and keep up the awesome work.
Lenora W  New Orleans, LA

I had the pleasure of picking up this book at an event in Philly this past weekend. This book is so personal, so real, so amazing. Mr. Queen touches on the aspects of life that so many people are afraid to go. His testimony is real and allows his readers the opportunity to get real with themselves and make the changes they need to overcome as well. If you are a teacher struggling to get your students on track, if you are a spouse in a troubled marriage, if you are a formerly or currently incarcerated person trying to change your life around, if you are a new found Christian on the road of redemption in your life. This book
is for you. God bless you sir.
Keith KL Belvin
High School Dean of Students
New York City Department of Education